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Box Of Holding

Box Of Holding

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Are you looking for a handmade item to kick up your gaming experience?

Or perhaps you just need an awesome box to hold your favorite set of dice?

Are you sick of grabby little goblins stealing your pretties?

The Box of Holding by Oakley’s Nerd Nook is just what you need!

Handcrafted from solid wood (by a guy who is literally named after a tree), the Box of Holding holds a set of dice, but also includes an additional storage compartment for your character’s mini-fig, a second set of dice, or other such items.

Do you roll your dice with such gusto that they go careening off the table and onto the floor, only to discover you landed a Natural 20 that you can’t even use?

Not anymore! The lid of the Box of Holding doubles as a rolling tray. Use the lid to contain your wild dice so no more Natural 20 rolls go to waste!

Speaking of lids, the tops and bottoms of these boxes are held together with eight Neodymium magnets so those greedy goblins can’t get their greasy fingers on your goods!

Do your travels take you near and far to play your favorite role-playing games? At only 1.5 inches thick, the Box of Holding fits perfectly in your purse, handy haversack, or traveling chest. It’s guaranteed not to take up any more room than a blow dart in a bag of holding!

Each box is specially marked with its own serial number, so you know you’re getting a one-of-a-kind item that you can cherish for a lifetime–or two or three, depending on how many PC deaths you experience.

Upgrade your on-the-go gameplay today. Get the Box of Holding by Oakley’s Nerd Nook now!

Happy Gaming!

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