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Dice Crate

Dice Crate

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Calling all dice-collectors, math rock connoisseurs, and click-clack addicts:

Why go big… when you can go COLOSSAL?

If you need a game transporter with enough storage space to lock up a cave troll, the Dice Crate by Oakley’s Nerd Nook is perfect for you!

This handcrafted solid wood container holds three sets of dice. That’s right–three full sets of dice!

In addition, it also includes a storage compartment so you can hold your character’s mini-fig, a fourth set of dice, or other gaming items!

“Holy dragon dung, that’s a lot of dice!” - a satisfied Dungeon Master

Do the rigors of rolling send your dice careening off the table and into the floor-is-lava oblivion below? Not anymore!

At 4.5 inches wide and nearly a foot long, the lid of the Dice Crate doubles as a rolling tray, certain to keep your dice in play and your game delay-free.

Neodymium magnets safely secure the lids and the crate’s precious contents for even the longest and most dangerous journeys, so you can rest assured (short or long rest that is) that your goods won’t go gallivanting without you!

Speaking of travels–your Dice Crate is only 1.5 inches thick and has room to hold all of your goods, making it the perfect traveling companion. Just keep stuffing your goods into it, and adventure on!

Each box is specially marked with its own serial number, so you know you’re getting a one-of-a-kind item that you can cherish for a lifetime–or two or three, depending on how many dark lords resurrect you from the dead.

Super-size your on-the-go gameplay today. Get the Dice Crate by Oakley’s Nerd Nook now!

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Happy Gaming!

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