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Dice Tower

Dice Tower

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Do you have a problem rolling the same number every time?

Or perhaps one of your party members keeps getting garbage rolls?

Are you worried the fairies have cursed your dice (again)?

The Dice Tower by Oakley’s Nerd Nook shuts down that pesky fairy magic, ensures you get a random roll every time, and it makes sure your party members do, too!

Handcrafted from wood hewn from the heart of an ancient tree of lore (which is probably why those fairies are after you), the Dice Tower features an acrylic screen so you can watch your favorite set of dice tumble around and out the bottom for some satisfying dice-on-wood clackery.

The Dice Tower can function as its own standalone unit. Just set it up on your playing surface and roll your dice!

Even more amazingly, the Neodymium magnets on the bottom of the Dice Tower perfectly connect it with your favorite Box of Holding or Dice Crate (all made by Oakley’s Nerd Nook). Clip your beautiful tower to any of their lids, and they become the ideal catch tray for your dice.

Each tower is specially marked with its own serial number, so you know you’re getting a one-of-a-kind item that you can cherish for a lifetime–or two or three, depending on how often you walk into painfully obvious traps.

Unleash your true tower power today. Get the Dice Tower by Oakley’s Nerd Nook now!

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Happy Gaming!

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