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Game Master Screen

Game Master Screen

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Does your Dungeon Master game need to “level up?”

Do you need a robust and reliable reference point for classic 5E rules?

Are crafty goblins (a.k.a. players) constantly trying to peek at your secret plans for their demise?

The 5E GM Screen by Oakley’s Nerd Nook creates a three-foot impenetrable barrier between you and even the sneakiest tricksters, all while providing crucial quick-
reference info to keep your game moving forward. 

Handcrafted from ¾-inch hardwood that is tougher than dragon scales, the 5E GM
Screen features four pages of essential gameplay basics and info, all helpfully organized for easy access. Even better, page numbers next to each section help direct you to find expanded information quickly and efficiently, meaning you’ll spend more time hunting for loot instead of rules.

All text on the 5E GM Screen is laser-engraved with pinpoint accuracy to ensure maximum readability, even if barbarians are bashing against its walls. Unlike poems on certain magical rings, this text will never fade or dull (though we don’t recommend storing it in a volcano or in a lake).

Worried about portability and security? Oakley’s Nerd Nook excels in keeping your
treasure safe. The 5E GM Screen features brass hinges to ensure your screen swings open with ease, and its brass latches lock it down for safekeeping and transportation when your gaming session concludes.

Each 5E GM Screen is specially marked with its own serial number and our Oakley’s Nerd Nook logo, so you know you’re getting a one-of-a-kind item that you can cherish for eternity—provided the apocalypse doesn’t come for us first.

Raise your Dungeon Master banner on the ramparts of your new 5E DM Screen by
Oakley’s Nerd Nook! Get yours now.

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Happy Gaming!

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